Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Busy Season…..






I love fall for so many reasons. The number one reason is that I get to prepare our pantry for the upcoming winter season. Although it's a lot of work at the time, it's also very rewarding. Especially when you get to enjoy the taste of all your hard work with family and friends.

Piper was a lot of help in preparing our pantry this year. She can take the skin off a peach like nobody's business! I'm so happy that she enjoys helping with these sorts of things, because she is learning so much in the process. Hopefully it won't be all work, but great memories when she fills her own pantry someday.

I'm sure you've noticed a big lapse in my postings, and I apologize for that. I've had to battle a back/neck issue, and just recently my father in law has been in the hospital with heart problems. I am doing much better, and we hope that my father in law will be on the road to recovery soon, as well. He still has one more surgery to go through, but our family has a very strong faith and believes that God will carry him through just fine.
If you feel a little stir in your heart to say a prayer, we'd appreciate it!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Life These Days at Our Little Red Salt Box....



More "smarshmallow" fun!


 Dillyn loves smores made with Reese's 
Peanut Butter Cups. 

Taking a break from eating smores, to play on the game boy
that belonged to Uncle Tom when he was this age.


What good is a campfire if you don't dance 
around it??


We still have peas!


Fresh veges...YUM!
No beets this year, though. The deer got them all!


My husband and brother in law enjoying
a chat on the back steps.


Piper and her best friend...Hollie.


Somebody thought Hollie needed a necklace
made out of clover.

My little kitchen helper and I made some zucchini bread.

Well, that's our life these days. Full of relaxation, family, and fun! 

Our summer days are slowly turning to fall.
I noticed some of the leaves are already beginning to turn. Pretty 
soon we'll be living in a beautiful box of favorite time of year!

Enjoy your time!


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Summer Fun…

Who doesn't love roasting hotdogs and making smores by an open fire??
As you can see, it's something we love to do. This was actually our granddaughter's first time trying a smore, and while she didn't really care for them, she did love roasting and eating just the "smarshmallows" by themselves. Aren't little ones funny?
I have heard that you can roast Pillsbury biscuits the same way you do marshmallows. Hmmm?? We might have to try that out and see!
While our summer seems to be flying by, and the smell of fall lurks in the evening air, we are really enjoying the season while we have it. There are still a few good days left, so we will enjoy them before they come to an end! I just hate to think of old man winter rearing his ugly head soon. Brrr!
I hope you are all still enjoying these beautiful summer days. Thank you for stopping by!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Just Look at that Rainbow.....

013 Stitch
My attempt at getting the whole rainbow in one picture. Not the greatest looking picture, but you can see the whole rainbow!
I'm pretty sure this was the brightest rainbow we have ever seen. The colors were so pronounced.
My husband and I had a light breakfast this morning. The strawberries were from Crabtree Farms, and they were delicious!
Our granddaughter came to visit over the fourth, and to have a bit of fun with Hollie. I'm so glad they get along so well. Rylee sure is growing fast. She says quite a bit now, but mostly "What's that?". Remember that stage? I know I do. They are so curious aren't they?
Joe and I had some blueberries and strawberries, so we decided to make a pie. I played with the crust a bit and decided on a lattice top pie. I haven't made one in years, so I thought it was time. A little egg wash and a sprinkle of sugar....
Well, the rest is history....and so is the pie!
Today I have been working at getting a few things done that I have had on my list of To-do's, but haven't done yet.
Making more croutons; rosemary/garlic this time.
Making and canning some simple strawberry syrup for ice cream, cheese cake, or French toast. Mmmm!
I also put some tomatoes and celery in the dehydrator. They were starting to get a bit soft and rather than lose them, I'll dry them and store them away for later use. 
Now I need to get something picked out for supper.
Hmmm?? I'm thinking Tilapia, fiddleheads, and new potatoes!
What will you be having?
Thank you so much for following my blog. I know I haven't been as dedicated to my writing as I should be. Summers seem so busy, don't they? I'm really enjoying it, though!
Until next time....

Monday, July 7, 2014

Strawberries For Sale....

strawberry pickin'
strawberry pickin' 2
2014-07-01 13.13.32
My husband's niece (Betsy), and her husband (Craig), opened up a little farm store...Crabtree Farms.
As you can see....they have lots of strawberries for sale. My daughter in law, granddaughter and I picked a few boxes last week. Yes! It was during one of the hottest days we had, but oh what fun! It was Rylee's first time in a strawberry field. She came prepared, carrying her little purple pail. Not that any of the strawberries made it into her pail. (giggle)
We didn't stay long as the summer sun was really warm, and we didn't want to keep Rylee out in it too long.
The strawberries were beautiful and so tasty! My husband and I have been enjoying them for breakfast, snack, and dessert. Delicious!
Eventually the farm will have lots more to offer than just homemade ice cream, sweet corn, pumpkins and more!
 Although Crabtree Farms is just the beginning of a dream they have had for some time now, it is sure to become a big success!
If you live in the area, you'll have to pay their little farm and farm store a visit. I can guarantee it will be the sweetest trip you make!

Crabtree Farms
473 E. Blaine Road
Blaine, Me.
(207) 227-8210
Just 3 mi. South of Big Rock Mountain.
For all of our Canadian friends they are just 2-3 mi.
from the Bridgewater border.